Looking for the best in prepaid calling? Our service is a ALL-in-ONE prepaid calling card and phone card. Use it for ALL your international calls!

Call United States for per minute


United States to

Prepay at 1.6¢ /min

$10 = 625 minutes
$20 = 1250 minutes
$50 = 3125 minutes


India offers maximum minutes geared for calling India. Now say Hello to your family and friends longer than ever before.

Rounding:3 - minute
Connection Fee:None
Maintenance Fee:99¢  weekly
Payphone Surcharge:99 ¢
Communication Fees:15% added to each call
Expiration:1 Year (365 Days from last use)

Works from Canada:Yes
Works from Hawaii:Yes
Works from Alaska:No
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U.S Domestic Rate:

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